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材料耐熱試験 / Heat-resistant test of materials
テストサンプル: 20 x 20 x 20mm 以下 / Test sample: less than 20 x 20 x 20mm
温度: 200 - 1100℃ / Temperature: 200 - 1100℃
雰囲気: Air, N2, H2, NH3, Cl2, etc. (under gas flow)
時間: 1hr - 6hrs / Time: 1hr - 6hrs
  空気雰囲気の場合は1,000時間も可能。 /   In the case of air atmosphere, it is possible for 1,000 hours.
評価: 前後の秤量と光学顕微鏡 / Evaluation:  Weight change and microscopy observation.

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