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委託成膜     Contract CVD, ALD, Plasme-CVD  
                Temperature: 200 - 1100℃
Hot wall CVD (A) : Simple horizontal Chamber    (For the screening of materials, etc. )
Hot wall CVD (B) :  Temperature-gradient Chamber    (For the pursuit of a reaction mechanism and Arrhenius plot, etc. )
Atmospheric pressure CVD
Low pressure CVD, ALD
Plasma CVD
Trench and holl coverage test

蒸気圧測定      Vappor pressure measurement
Air sensitive precursor ( Organometallics, Amidinate metal complex, etc.)
Low vappor pressure precursor ( Sublimation solid )

揮発量測定      Volatilization amount measurement
The amount of volatilization per unit time
Temperature dependence on the amount of volatilization
Carrier gas flow rate dependence on the amount of volatilization
Bottle pressure dependence on the amount of volatilization
Bottle form dependenc on the amount of volatilization
Long-term volatilization amount stability ( Puls precursor instability, color  and appearance changes  )
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